Thursday, January 12, 2017

Veda's Paintings

Fait or Tait?
While rummaging through bins at a Memphis Goodwill in April 2016, I came across  two framed paintings on tile that were signed by the artist.  These were professionally framed at The Great Frame Up store in Germantown, Tennessee which has been in business since 1995. 

As to the artist.  No question that her first name is Veda but I go back and forth on whether or not her last name is Fait or Tait.  I usually go with Fait because it looks to me as if there's just enough of a mark midway on that letter making it an F rather than a T. My research did find a Veda Fait in Oklahoma, perhaps a connection there? But I could be wrong and will leave it up to the reader.  

The pictures, including the frame, are 8" x 6".  I like that the pictures seem to be of the same house but one painting has the addition of a church and being in color.  I was an art history major back in the day so I can definitely see some religious iconography here.  To me, the sepia painting shows a life without Christ.  The world is monochrome and the meaning of life is limited. The house, representing the soul, is smaller, with fewer windows and less light. Everyday is the same until death comes to take you away.

But the second painting comes to life with the addition of Christ.  The color's are bold and beautiful and the air is filled with light.  The house is larger with more windows to let Christ's light shine on the soul.  It's a life filled with hope and a future in this life and the next and now the soul is connected to Christ via the road.


My other thought is that it's something as simple as two paintings of Veda's family home and the church she attended.  Or just a study in painting.  

Does anyone recognize the distinctive signature?  Can you shed some light on who Veda might be?

That's my adventure in estate sale and thrift store shopping for today.