Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stelton Stainless Steel Saucepan, ca 1960's-Nov. 21 2015

Today we made a stop at a Robison-Finch Estate Sale.  We usually try to shop on the discount days but todays items were still selling at "full-price."   We were walking toward the house and saw that almost every person coming away from the sale had purchased something.  It looked promising.  A woman said "The house is small.  But it's deceptive."  And she was right! The house on the outside appeared small, not like it's neighboring two story homes that are typical in this neighborhood.  It had been added to through the years so it was much larger than it appeared at first.

I fell in love with several things right off the bat.  I even carried a couple of items around while I looked through the house but I eventually put them down because we try to purchase "non-essential" items on discount days.  Instead I focused on the kitchen and came away with a wonderful bundt pan for $2.00.

However, my pride and joy from today was a small wooden handled pan with two pouring spouts.  I didn't know what it's true purpose was but I envisioned heating up milk for hot chocolate and at $1.00, what did I have to lose?  I really liked the wooden handle, it even has finger indents to help with pouring and the two spouts mean it's perfect for left or right handed folks.  The makers mark looked like it said "Felton Stainless 18 Denmark."

When I came home and did some quick research, I discovered that the maker was actually a Danish company known as Stelton and that this particular pan was made during the 1960's.  I found two sellers on Etsy who had sold the very same pan.  Kaaren of Scandianderson was kind enough to tell me that she sold her pan for 22.85 €.  That's $24.33 in U.S. money.  

This definitely deserves my Estate Sale Bargain of the Day award!