Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vintage Costume Jewelry, Dec. 21 2015

This past Monday we attended the final day of a Robison Finch Estate Sale in Memphis.  Prices were 50% off.  It was a nice sale with some interesting items but with Christmas so close we kept our spending even more in check than usual.

My other half got a set of five small wrenches for $2.50 because as he says, "You can never have enough tools."  I on the other hand say you can never have enough vintage jewelry so walked away with a lovely pair of clipon vintage earrings, sapphire ab set in silvertone filigree setting.  I also have a thing for brooches and couldn't say no to the lovely pin with ab crystals, pink milk glass and the larger dark pink stones which I have no idea what they are.  Neither the pin nor the earrings are marked and were well worth the $5.00.  They went into my Christmas stocking.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Maio Matador and Fukagawa Arita Pattern No. 904, Dec. 12 2015

Because I had such a fantastic score last weekend with the sewing machine and fabulous mid-century modern sewing table, my sights were set on sewing accessories.  We targeted two sales in Millington, sadly both sales had already been cleaned out of whatever sewing supplies had been there.  I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that if I want a chance at sewing items I have to attend the first day!

The Deb Wade sale we attended must have had really great prices and items because there wasn't a lot left on Saturday.  But what was there was 50% off so we decided to scrounge.  I made my way to the kitchen items and was rewarded with a four piece set of Fukagawa Arita Pine Cone pattern no. 904 handpainted china made in Japan.  One of the serving bowls has several chips but the other serving bowl, gravy boat and sugar bowl are in great condition vintage condition.  Price for all four pieces, $15. The Fukagawa's were of great interest to us because we have an almost complete set of Fukagawa Arita New Mode pattern no. 728.  The New Mode pattern is very difficult to find, the Pine Cone pattern is more readily available.  Different patterns, same maker. I was good with that.  

I wandered to the back bedroom and found a pair of black gloves marked $2.  Mint condition and they fit.  I tucked the Fukagawa and gloves under the table indicating they were "sold" and wandered out to find my husband in the workshop.  

I've been interested lately in mid-century modern and have joined a lot of Facebook pages devoted to that time period.  One of them is called Mid Century Modern Kitsch.  There were quite a few things in the garage that qualified including a reproduction Matador painting by Maio.  I asked how much and was told $10 and that was the discounted price. My husband was horrified that I would even consider this atrocious thing but hey, I was viewing things with a new eye but not for $10.  $3 or 4 maybe but not $10, particularly when I was getting four pieces of Fukagawa for $7.50!  I did purchase a very nice hanging flower basket made of metal that will be great in the spring for $4.  We paid and went back inside to get the rest of our goods.

When I went to pay I realized I was $1.50 short, I only had $7 in cash left.  Thankfully the good folks let me have the gloves and Fukagawa for $7.  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Homemaker Zig-Zag Sewing Machine Model no. 492-TW, Dec. 5 2015

My estate sale list today had three sales to visit.  Two were on the same street, Philsdale, and not far from where I grew up which is probably why I chose the first two.  I was surprised to find that the first house had no electricity which made it difficult to get a good look at what was being offered and it didn't help that it was very cold.  So I walked down the street to the next sale to find the same situation!  No electricity.  To be fair to the company holding the sale, they did say in the advertisement there was no electricity so bring a flashlight and gloves.  But silly me, I didn't bother to read that part and skipped to the pictures so was unprepared.  It was the first time I'd ever been to an estate sale under such circumstances. You can bet from now on I will read the full description for every sale!

My next stop was a sale offered by Milltown Enterprises.  For this sale I had a specific item in mind, a sewing machine with table.  Last January one of my resolutions was to learn how to sew.  That meant I needed a sewing machine but somehow other things came up during the year and the sewing resolution kept going to the bottom of the pile.  

Every time we went to sales I kept my eyes open but usually the sewing machines were gone before we ever got to the sale.  

This time I decided to show up the first day and to be there early.  It paid off.  We very rarely buy anything when it's "full price" but how could I go wrong at $50??  Even if the machine didn't work (it does) I felt that the sewing table was well worth the price and would be a great place to do my cross stitch and needlepoint crafting.  Another plus for me is that I've become interested in mid century modern (mcm) as of late.  I don't know if this piece qualifies for mcm but it seems to be in the style at the very least.  

I even found a wonderful you tube video by NiftyThriftyGirl to help get me started.

Now the only problem is finding a place for this wonderful addition to our home. For now it's sitting in the empty spot in the kitchen but it can't stay there because that space is reserved for a small kitchen table that's on our list of things to find at an estate sale!!

I'd like to thank the anonymous man that helped me get it to the truck and then helped load it into the bed as well!  There truly are good people in the world and he was a bright spot in my day. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stairwell with Magnificent Stain Glass Window, April 2015

Half the fun of estate sale shopping is seeing the inside of some very amazing homes.

Back in April of this year we attended a super nice estate sale at 257 S. Belvedere by T.Fortner Estate Sale Co.  I don't recall buying anything but the trip was worth it just to see this magnificent stain glass window that graces the stairwell.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stelton Stainless Steel Saucepan, ca 1960's-Nov. 21 2015

Today we made a stop at a Robison-Finch Estate Sale.  We usually try to shop on the discount days but todays items were still selling at "full-price."   We were walking toward the house and saw that almost every person coming away from the sale had purchased something.  It looked promising.  A woman said "The house is small.  But it's deceptive."  And she was right! The house on the outside appeared small, not like it's neighboring two story homes that are typical in this neighborhood.  It had been added to through the years so it was much larger than it appeared at first.

I fell in love with several things right off the bat.  I even carried a couple of items around while I looked through the house but I eventually put them down because we try to purchase "non-essential" items on discount days.  Instead I focused on the kitchen and came away with a wonderful bundt pan for $2.00.

However, my pride and joy from today was a small wooden handled pan with two pouring spouts.  I didn't know what it's true purpose was but I envisioned heating up milk for hot chocolate and at $1.00, what did I have to lose?  I really liked the wooden handle, it even has finger indents to help with pouring and the two spouts mean it's perfect for left or right handed folks.  The makers mark looked like it said "Felton Stainless 18 Denmark."

When I came home and did some quick research, I discovered that the maker was actually a Danish company known as Stelton and that this particular pan was made during the 1960's.  I found two sellers on Etsy who had sold the very same pan.  Kaaren of Scandianderson was kind enough to tell me that she sold her pan for 22.85 €.  That's $24.33 in U.S. money.  

This definitely deserves my Estate Sale Bargain of the Day award!    

Monday, November 2, 2015

Quimper Sauciere

A friend introduced me to Quimper Faience back in the 1980's.  I don't have a vast collection and most of it dates from the late 1980's to mid 1990's.  In the past few years I've picked up a few pieces at estate sales and antique malls in the Memphis area.

I found my latest acquisition at an estate sale by A1 Appraisals & Estate Sales. 

It's a very lovely and well used sauciere. One handle is missing, a few chips can be seen and there is a very fine crack which is all but invisible to the naked eye but the colors and artwork are striking!  I had never seen a Quimper Sauciere before. I fell in love with it, imperfections and all. And who could beat the price?  $2.00!  

A quick google search came up with other sauciere's by Quimper but none that look like this one. Because of the pre-existing damage I've re-purposed it into a very lovely planter for my kitchen window.

P.S. That sweet little bluebird in the picture came from the estate sale along with some other items. More about those later.